Dave Keuning Wallpapers

Editor's note: If you happened to do a little shopping at a certain Banana Republic in Vegas around 2000, the employee who helped you with your new khakis and safari shirt may have been future co-founder of The Killers, Dave Keuning. Yes, he would soon move on to become one of the most popular guitarists of the century, but next time you’re wearing a Banana Republic-ish clothing item, you could make a cool story out of it. Or, skip the yarns and just get yourself some beautiful Dave Keuning wallpapers!

Dave Keuning, The Killers, Energy drive, 1960x1310 HD Desktop
Dave Keuning, The Killers, 2500x1750 HD Desktop
T-Mobile Arena LV, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 3000x2090 HD Desktop
T-Mobile Arena LV
"Alexander" LA premiere, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 3000x2080 HD Desktop
"Alexander" LA premiere
The Killers, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 2970x2060 HD Desktop
The Killers
Virgin festival 2006, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 2010x3000 HD Phone
Virgin festival 2006
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Carling Academy Brixton, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 2000x3000 HD Phone
Carling Academy Brixton
MTV VMA 2006, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 2560x1820 HD Desktop
MTV VMA 2006
Dave Keuning, Decade of difference, WNRN, 2560x1440 HD Desktop
Brandon Flowers with his bandmates, Life is Beautiful Festival, The Killers' performance, Brandon Flowers' music, 1680x2050 HD Phone
The Killers' new album, Dave Keuning's reunion, Band's retornado guitarist, Second chance collaboration, 2050x1370 HD Desktop
Governors Ball, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 2000x1270 HD Desktop
Governors Ball
Uplift Family Services, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 2000x1270 HD Desktop
Uplift Family Services
Dave Keuning's solo album, Offered to The Killers, New songs debut, Band's latest work, 2000x1270 HD Desktop
Piedmont Park, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 2000x1270 HD Desktop
Piedmont Park
Dave Keuning, The Killers guitarist, In conversation video chat, Five things we learned, 2000x1270 HD Desktop
Night and Day Manchester, Dave Keuning Wallpaper, 1940x1290 HD Desktop
Night and Day Manchester
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