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Austin Wallpapers

If you're working on a trip (or a move) to Austin, don't get your info from travel bloggers or Airbnb Experiences; we’ve got the local low-down for you right here. And step one is: start visualizing yourself in Austin. You're gonna wear some burnt orange, you're gonna celebrate when it's only 92 degrees instead of 98, and you’re gonna eat a lot of amazing barbeque. We suggest putting a rotation of 6 or 7 Austin-centric desktop wallpapers on your computer, and start picturing yourself as part of the images. Now let's take a little spin around the Austin area!

Austin Wallpaper

4K Austin Wallpapers

Austin is home to a lot of great photographers, bloggers and people who appreciate capturing a visual slice of our fun city. Even if you're just photographing with a phone, it's important to capture this quickly changing area because just when you think something's an Austin icon and will never go away, boom! It's gone. (R.I.P. Graffiti Park at Castle Hill). Those disappearing acts often get replaced with newer and even cooler icons. But our point is: (1) take pictures and (2) enjoy all the great Austin images we’ve collected for you. Don’t forget to visit the official web-site of the city.

Austin Skyline Background

Get inspired for your travels (or wanderings around town, if you already live in Austin), plaster your life with Austin wallpapers or make your own from all the sweet bites of Austin we’ve put on a silver platter for you. To borrow a line from easily the most famous piece of Austin graffiti (on the northern wall of Jo’s Coffee on Congress Ave.), dear ATX: “{We} love you so much.”

Austin Skyline Backgrounds

If you’re about to be a newbie Austinite or even a visitor, you’ll have to get used to hearing old Austinites complain about how great/different everything used to be. For example, some people like to whine that the beautiful Capitol building that once dominated our skyline is increasingly dwarfed by all the high rises around it. While the Frost Tower and the so-called Jenga Tower do command attention, the Capitol still shines as the jewel in the crown, especially when you drive straight down Congress Avenue toward downtown.

Austin Evening Wallpaper Image

Austin’s skyline is more compact and perhaps not as recognizable as those of Houston or Dallas, but it’s unique. It lends itself beautifully, for example, to a desktop wallpaper or to the cut-out that's used as the backdrop for the Austin City Limits tapings. Whether you've been in Austin forever or just arrived, it's our skyline and there's no other like it. Amazing source of the best Austin Skyline Backgrounds here.

Texas State Capitol Wallpaper

Texas State Capitol Wallpapers

Yes, you can get a good look at the Capitol building just by driving down Congress Avenue, but you should also take the time to stop and go inside, because it's really beautiful. It's made of sunset red granite, it has a cool rotunda where you can hear your voice echo, it’s full of Texas history and folklore and it's the biggest Capitol building in the U.S. (Of course it is; Texans love big things!)

Texas State Capitol

UT Austin Pictures

And while you're driving down Congress toward the lovely Capitol building, just keep on heading north and you'll find yourself in the midst of a college campus so big it could almost be its own city. UT students are known for deep loyalty to their alma mater (like, who else wears burnt orange?); we know one graduate who puts a different UT wallpaper on his work desktop every day of the year just to bother the Texas A&M alum who works at the desk next to him. That's dedication!

UT Austin

Texas Longhorns

So, it's pretty normal for college-level football teams to dominate small towns where the university is the main industry and there's nothing else going on. But in a city as vibrant as Austin, it's impressive that the Longhorns permeate the culture to such a great extent. No matter how far away you get from the actual UT campus, you’re gonna see people decked out in burnt orange and sporting UT bumper stickers.

Texas Longhorns Stadium

Whether you're a proud Texas Ex or came late to the party, you gotta work on your burnt orange collection: start with caps, shirts, bumper stickers, beer holders of course, and UT wallpapers for every screen in your life. Otherwise, somebody might suspect you of being an Aggie.

Texas Longhorns Team

DKR Texas Memorial Stadium

The cathedral in which UT students, alums and other Longhorns fans go to worship, DKR Stadium must be experienced at least once in your lifetime. After submitting your senses to Adzillatron, a sea of burnt orange, and 120,000 people singing “The Eyes of Texas,” you will either have drunk the Kool-Aid or you’ll tip-toe away and never go back. Texas is a place of extremes, and Longhorns culture is no exception. Hook ’em!

DKR Texas Memorial Stadium HD Background

Austin FC Wallpapers

UT rules the Austin sports scene but. . .there’s a newer and greener game in town: soccer! Before the Austin FC arrived to paint the town verde, the ATX was the U.S.’s largest city without a professional sports team. . .because the powers that be didn’t want to step on UT’s burnt orange toes. But somehow the Austin FC slipped in the door and they've won the hearts of this city that was previously all about Friday Night Lights and Saturday afternoon tailgating at UT. Their logo—a stylized homage to Austin’s oldest oak tree—has become popular with both fans and people who may never even see a game, popping up on t-shirts, bumper stickers and desktop wallpapers all over the city. And don’t worry: UT is doing just fine.

Austin FC

Austin City Limits Photos

When you’re not busy belting out “The Eyes of Texas” at DKR Stadium, you gotta partake in the rest of Austin’s music scene. Music can be heard just about everywhere in Austin, starting at the airport—where they actually have great local bands playing pretty much every day. But the scene gets crazy every fall when the Austin City Limits Festival dominates two entire weekends of our social lives. For those of us who live in South Austin, it's like having the Super Bowl of music in our backyard.

Austin City Limits

And from the moment we buy our early bird passes for next year's festival, we're dreamily watching videos of past festivals and mooning over images of happy, dancing music fans packed wall-to-wall in Zilker Park or of some of our favorite past shows: Kendrick Lamar in 2016 comes to mind, Lizzo (twice!), our own Willie Nelson in 2016 and Paul McCartney in 2018.

Austin City Limits Concert

People love to complain that ACL has gotten too big, but those same people are dancing their butts off with the rest of us, we promise. It got bigger because it was too good to stay small, simple fact.

Austin City Limits Openair Wallpaper

Lady Bird Lake Wallpapers

Remember those old, grumpy Austinites we were talking about? The ones who complain about something as cool as the ACL Festival? A subset of the ACL-whiners is made up of those of us who refuse to call Lady Bird Lake by its new name. And just to be clear, we admire the heck out of Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady and wildflower-planting saint. She beautified the highways of Texas with her idea of planting bluebonnets alongside otherwise concrete-dominated roads, and her legacy can be seen throughout the hill country every single spring. If you grew up in Texas and you don't have a photograph of yourself as a baby propped up in a big clump of bluebonnets, you need to talk to your mom!

Lady Bird Lake Wallpaper

When Mrs. Johnson died in 2007, the Austin city council renamed Town Lake after her. Which was completely unnecessary because she was already a beloved legend. Moving on, the lake is beautiful, highly photographic, and an essential part of the city. If you don’t have a desktop wallpaper of people rowing toward the Congress Street bridge at dawn or of the bats flying out at dusk, you need to fix that ASAP (right after you talk to your mom about the lack of bluebonnet pics in your childhood photo album).

We loved Lady Bird Johnson, make no mistake. But just as the area code 512 distinguishes people who lived in Austin when 512 was the only area code, people who call the lake “Lady Bird Lake” are obviously newcomers. Those of us who’ve lived in Austin forever will never call it anything but Town Lake, as much as we love and adore and honor Mrs. Johnson and take pictures of our babies in the bluebonnets every spring. Town Lake. Five-one-two. And 78704 is not just a zip code: it’s a way of life.

Lady Bird Lake at Evening HD Background

Circuit of the Americas at Austin

If you're into chill Austin activities like paddle boarding on Town Lake, watching the sun set over Lake Austin, or strolling along Congress Avenue just in time to see the bats fly out from under the bridge at dusk, COTA may not be your thing. But don't be so fast to discount this premier racing venue, because you may also catch a great concert there or get the urge to drive a go-kart at up to 55 miles an hour. The Germania Insurance Amphitheater (those concerts we were talking about) is also now the host of Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July picnic. What’s not to love?

Circuit of the Americas at Austin

Austinites may get to know the Circuit of the Americas more from Willie Nelson's Fourth of July picnic or from seeing a big name like the Rolling Stones perform there than from racing. But every October, 120,000 fans of speed and noise descend on this venue to see some of the best racing in the world and to check “Go to F1” off their bucket lists. While the racing is top-notch, from qualifiers to the finale, some of our favorite images from this event are of the crowds themselves: ecstatic, screaming fans braving the Texas heat (yes, it’s still hot in October) to cheer on their favorite driver. It’s a must-see.

Circuit of the Americas at Austin Wallpaper

Grand Prix Austin Wallpapers

The Grand Prix in Austin pulls in racing fans from all over the world, definitely, but it also attracts people who’ve never heard of Michael Schumacher or Valtteri Bottas. The variety of the crowd and the number of non-racing fans who cram into the Grand Prix depends a lot on the musical acts that go along with this annual event. For example, in 2016 there were definitely a lot of young Austinites who fought the traffic and did whatever they had to do to hear their idol, Taylor Swift. Whether you go for the racing or the music, it's a visually fascinating event (120,000 fans, come on) that will keep your camera clicking.

Grand Prix Austin Wallpaper

A lot of people were excited when Austin became the more or less permanent host of the Formula One race. And except for having to miss the pandemic year and a little glitch in 2015 when Hurricane Patricia dumped a ton of rain on us just in time for race weekend, it's been a roaring success. October's a relatively nice time to be outside in Austin, and how better to enjoy the great outdoors than with 120,000 people who love car racing as much as you do?

Grand Prix Austin

Mount Bonnell in Austin

Truth: we know a lot of South Austinites who would never venture out as far as the Circuit of the Americas and who don't even like to go north of the river. And that’s cool; 78704 is a universe unto itself. But if there's anything worth going north for, it’s Mount Bonnell: the highest point in Austin and the site of many a first kiss.

Mount Bonnell in Austin

It’s free but the trail shuts down at 10:00, so get that kiss in early. And if you can't make it up to Mount Bonnell, at least check out some images of the view from there.

Mount Bonnell in Austin Wallpaper

Lake Austin HD Background

Venturing even farther north than lovely Mount Bonnell, you’ll find Lake Austin. And there are a zillion ways to enjoy it. For example, get super rich and buy one of those gorgeous mansions that overlooks the lake and sit out on your deck watching the sun set over the water every evening.

Lake Austin HD Backround

Two: make friends with somebody who owns a boat and will invite you to go out in it to see the sun set on summer weekends. Three, watch YouTube videos of “sun setting over Lake Austin” and put a gorgeous Lake Austin sunset (or sunrise, while you’re at it) wallpaper on your desktop or phone and call it good. Free and easy, right?

Lake Austin HD for Desktop

Zilker Park Wallpapers

While Lake Austin is the preferred chill-out spot for North Austinites, those of us who proudly rep 78704 prefer Zilker Park. Between the frisbee golf, the natural springs, the hike and bike trail and the big field that fills up with happy dogs and people on a beautiful day, Zilker is the bomb, any season of the year. The steam rising off Barton Springs Pool on a winter’s day? Beautiful. The sculpture of the three philosophers? Classic. The Zilker train carrying happy toddlers around the park? A childhood bucket-list item. If you have a camera (or you like phone photography), there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Zilker Park Wallpaper

If you like to know more about the University of Texas at Austin visit the official web-site https://www.utexas.edu.