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Editor's note: Golden Globe nominee Diego Calva has made the rounds as far as jobs in the film industry: he’s been a production assistant, a set dresser, and even a caterer. He burst onto the acting scene and into the hearts of Mexican movie lovers when he appeared in the third season of Narcos: Mexico, and from there went on to co-star with Hollywood icon Brad Pitt in Babylon. He’s gorgeous, talented, and charismatic; what more could you want? The correct answer: some Diego Calva wallpapers! Get yours today.

Diego Calva, Mexican actor in Hollywood, 1500x2320 HD Phone
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Diego Calva: un Mexicano sin miedo a Hollywood - BADHOMBRE Magazine 1500x2250
Diego Calva, Fearless Mexican actor, Hollywood career, Inspiring personality, 1500x2250 HD Phone
I Promise You Anarchy, Diego Calva Wallpaper, 2200x1500 HD Desktop
I Promise You Anarchy
Morelia Film Festival, Diego Calva Wallpaper, 2050x1540 HD Desktop
Morelia Film Festival
Narcos Mexico Season 3 cast, Diego Calva Wallpaper, 1920x1080 Full HD Desktop
Narcos Mexico Season 3 cast
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