100% Human-written FAQ

Your collections are almost 100% visual. Any chance you’ll add more text-based collections (like autographs of famous authors or excerpts from literary classics)?

Our team is obsessed with the visual arts, but that doesn’t mean that text can’t be a thing of supreme beauty! We’re not above spending hours choosing the perfect font, for example. So hold that thought and keep checking back!

What’s the difference between wallpapers and backgrounds?
Is there a certain category of background that helps productivity more than others?
Why would I want a desktop wallpaper when I have 8,000 adorable pictures of my dog?
What can you tell about a person from the type of desktop wallpaper they choose?
What if I’m looking for a screensaver on a really obscure topic? Is it possible that your team could find one for me?
If I have an older computer/phone/tablet will your wallpapers still work and look sharp?
Your site seems to cater to U.S.-based users. Can I expect more international content in the future?

We’re all about being international! While the U.S. tends to carry a lot of weight in terms of trend-setting, musically and otherwise, we’re always looking to add collections dedicated to other cities, countries, and languages.

I thought my iPhone couldn’t be any more perfect but then I fell for several of your wallpapers (polyamory!) so how do I get them?

Hit the Download button under the wallpapers you want from within one of our sweet collections, then go into your Settings and try not to get distracted because there’s a lot of stuff in there: updates you’ll never do, things your iPhone wants you to finish setting up, etc. Keep the faith and go to Wallpaper. Select the winning image, and here’s where you can have your cake and chow it down, too: you could use one of your new images (if you decided to delve into wallpaper polyamory, that is) as a Home Screen and the other as Lock Screen, or use the same image as both. After making this big decision, click “Set” and it looks like you’re done adulting for the day! Any questions? Check out detailed official instruction.

Will your site ever evolve to be more of a social network, like with comments and voting on the best wallpapers?
Would you consider making some collections in support of important issues like women’s rights, endangered species or climate change?

While we try not to polarize our audience by actively promoting one agenda or another, you will likely find what you’re looking for if you search enough. For example, our site is overflowing with collections dedicated to powerful, inspiring women, and we also have collections on just about every animal in existence, endangered or not. We also have exquisite collections on cities, countries and geographic formations, so if climate change is your gig, look for collections on places that are most affected by it!

I happen to be an awesome photographer. Is there a way to contribute images to your site?

As a team of visually-obsessed wallpaper freaks, we love photographers and photography! While you don’t have to sign up to simply get images, we do need some way to communicate with you if you want to submit, so register and then use the “Submit” button to send us your coolest images!

Is there a type of wallpaper that causes less eye strain than others?
I have a question or concern not addressed in this FAQ. How can I contact you?

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact our support team