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To the wallpaper addicts here at Wallpapercat, starting a work session without a cool wallpaper lighting up our screen would be like typing with one hand behind our backs, starting the day without coffee, leaving the house half dressed. . .you get the idea. Gorgeous wallpapers are an essential part of our workflow and we like them for those moments of just having fun online as well.

Here at Wallpapercat we’ve put together a universe of amazing collections of wallpapers, organized by theme. Feeling like you want to tear down the road in a classic muscle car? Would you rather kick back on an isolated beach? Or do you want to pay tribute to your favorite movie star? Whatever the case, we have a wallpaper for you.

Although we happily accept submissions from our dynamic community, we carefully curate each wallpaper collection on our site to make sure we offer the best possible options to our users. So download one today, or submit one for our team to review. We’re happy you’re here and we hope you’ll stick around!